Is the legal business something that should be or needs to be marketed?

Like any other business, law firms too need marketing and in the past decade, this need has grown. Reports show that since 2009, the legal domain has become saturated, resulting in law firms of all sizes losing business and struggling hard to build their client portfolio. Reputation and skilled lawyers are no longer enough for law firms to attract new clients and grow their business.

Well-planned and smartly executed digital marketing can help law firms stand out and rise above the rest. It can give you a high search engine ranking, help your site to resonate with your target audience, get you more visibility online, connect with potential clients and build your firm as an expert or thought leader. The essential benefits of digital marketing apply here as much as any other industry.

With the objective of impressing clients and bringing them flocking to your door, here are some top suggestions:

  • Use your website as a round-the-clock sales rep
  • Content marketing, SEO and social media are must-have tools
  • Active promotion of the brand and branded content
  • Hire a good marketing firm
  • Build thought leader status through great content
  • Get your clients talking

Use your website as a round-the-clock sales rep

For decades now the Internet has served as the new source of information and research, and that’s a channel you just cannot do without. People world over use online search to find local businesses and that’s why your website must be up there, and it must have all the relevant info presented in an easy-to-browse and attractive package. Your website can be your best sales tool that allows you to send out your message and allows prospects to reach you. In addition to being easy to find it should educate, it should please and it should be mobile-friendly.

Law Firm Digital Marketing

Content marketing, SEO and social media are must have tools

While paid ads get your link placed on top of the page, it’s organic search ranking that people trust. You need to invest whole-heartedly into building your organic search engine rank by hiring experts to manage your on- and off-page SEO activities. When it comes to off-page activities, content marketing, and social media marketing are vital tools. You could have placed enough keywords on your site to list in the top 10 search results, but what your prospects want to see is proof of expertise. We’re talking blogs, videos, articles and interviews in relevant journals, lots of tweets and a whole lot more.

Build thought leader status through great content

Other than helping boost your SERP scores, content is a great way to build trust and credibility. When you share good advice and knowledge without asking for something in return, you build a bond with your prospect. Great content can take many forms. You can have FAQs, blogs, expert blogs, estimated cost calculator, expert videos (videos are very popular these days!) and so on. Share this content on social media, on relevant forums and platforms and get all the eyeballs. Connect with your prospects and build a rapport early on.

Active promotion of brand and branded content

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.

Active promotion of brand and branded content

Once you’ve created copious amounts of content, it has to be pushed out and made visible. Your brand name and your expertise both need to work it on online spaces like Google My Business listing, Bing places, Instagram business profiles, local directories, law directories (there are so many!), etc. Business listing is very useful for law firms as they offer a credible and quick way or customers to contact you without visiting your website. And while we did say paid ads don’t always work, investing in PPC ads (AdWords are the most effective) for local promotion is always a good idea that gets enough eyeballs.

Get your clients talking

The surest way to build trust is through client testimonials. Reach out to existing and past clients and ask them to provide testimonials that you can publish on your website and social media. If they are willing to give a testimonial on camera, even better. Ask them to go online to legal directories and other business listings and rate your law firm, or go on LinkedIn and write you a good review. Just make sure you’re never violating a client’s privacy. If you think this is too much, run a search for a hospital or a doctor. Aren’t you more likely to trust the one with more stars?

Hire a good marketing firm

Will you ask a creative designer to play a lawyer in court? Don’t spend time learning the game from the ground up. You’re a law firm and should hire a team of marketing experts to design your strategy, execute it, test it continuously and course-correct where needed. You will also need to measure campaigns and compare them with other law firms on the basis of metrics like cost per lead, ROI, lead-to-sale conversion cost, etc.

These are only some of the ideas that can work wonders for law firms of all sizes. The important aspect is to be more visible and trusted than your competitors. We offer digital marketing services for law firms and would love to help you out. Contact us to get a full view of our services.